FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Can other users see my screen?

Which user can access which computer under which circumstances depends on the system settings configured by your administrator. Usually the software is configured so that the course instructor can access the computers of course participants, but not vice versa. Whether other course instructors are able to see your screen or those of other course participants also depends on the settings. Contact your administrator in order to configure access control rules according to your needs as described in the administration manual.

How frequently are the computer thumbnails updated?

Usually the computer thumbnails in the monitoring view are updated once a second. Depending on the utilization of the network and the computer, there may be slight deviations. In contrast when remote controlling or viewing a computer, you see the screen content of the remote computer in real time.

What happens if I accidentally close the Veyon Master application window?

Any active functions such as demo mode or screen lock are stopped when the program is closed. However, you can simply reopen the program and activate the mode again if necessary.

How can I broadcast the screen of a student to all other screens?

If you want to transfer a student’s screen instead of your own screen in demo mode, first activate demo mode for all computers. Then stop demo mode for the student to be performing the demo using the context menu. Finally open the remote view for the students computer. This will transfer the remote view window - and therefore the student’s screen - to all other computers.