FAQ - 常見問答集

Veyon 是否執行在Chrome OS (ChromeBooks) 或 MacOS?

目前,Veyon 僅適用在基於 Linux 和 Windows 的環境。 不過,正在開發對其它平台的支援。 Veyon 專案依賴於經驗豐富的軟體開發人員的協助,特別是將 Veyon 移植到 macOS 和 Android。


如果使用預設的 網路物件目錄,您只需在 位置 & 電腦 的組態頁加入適當的位置和電腦。 之後,新增的資源在 Veyon Master 中可以使用。

如果組態了 LDAP/AD 整合,則網路物件目錄必須變更為相應的 LDAP 後端,以便該目錄的電腦顯示在 Veyon Master 中。

如何將現有的 iTALC 安裝遷移到 Veyon?

儘管 iTALC 和 Veyon 在概念上相似,但使用 Veyon 需要全新的安裝和組態,因為組態和檔案格式及其路徑已變更且不相容。 對於遷移,必須先完全解除安裝 iTALC。 建議之後重新啟動電腦。 然後,可以像 iTALC 一樣安裝和組態 Veyon。

While the configuration of authentication methods is very similar, the configuration of locations and computers is done via the Veyon Configurator and no longer in the Master application. In this context you should check whether the new LDAP/AD 整合 can be used to make locations and computers automatically available in Veyon.

是否可以在多台電腦上使用 Veyon Master?

The usage of Veyon Master on multiple computers is possible without any restrictions. For this to work an identical configuration has to be used on all master computers like it’s required for client computers in general. If logon authentication is used no further steps are necessary. If key file authentication is used the same private key has to be distributed to all master computers.

如何與 Veyon 結合使用現有 VNC 伺服器?

In some environments a VNC server is already installed (e. g. UltraVNC) or is provided by the system (e. g. VNC-based access to virtual desktops in VDI environments). This may result in degraded performance or conflicts with the Veyon-internal VNC server. In such cases it is recommended to configure Veyon to use the existing (external) VNC server instead of starting the internal VNC server. The configuration is done through the Veyon Configurator on the configuration page 服務 in section VNC 伺服器.


As of Veyon 4.1, there is a new module for the command line interface. This module can be used to import locations and computers from any kind of text files (including CSV files) into the builtin network object directory.


On Windows by default only the primary monitor of a computer is accessible with Veyon. You can however change this behaviour in the VNC 伺服器 configuration. Select the VNC server plugin Builtin VNC server and enable the option Enable multi monitor support.


The selection of displayed computers is saved in the personal user configuration. There are two ways to share this configuration with multiple users. Either the user configuration file can be copied into the profile of the user, e.g. via login scripts. Alternatively, the user configuration can be also be stored in a shared directory (e.g. a network drive) and the user configuration setting has to be changed accordingly so that the user configuration is loaded from this directory. Please note that the access rights may have to be adjusted so that changes made by users are not written back into the global user configuration.

在這個內文中,請參閱功能 自動切換到目前教室,其可用於直接實現所需的行為。


所有您需要做的就是在主組態頁中啟用選項 隱藏本機電腦


如果在處理組態的存取控制規則時沒有套用所有啟動條件的規則,則存取將拒絕,連線將關閉。 如此可以防止攻擊者由於規則集不完整而意外授予存取權限。